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    I am appearing for class 12th cbse boards this year.I have Physics,Chemistry,Biology,English and Physical education as my 5 main subjects along with 6th subject Maths.

    Can I be ABSENT on the day of maths exam as i am not really confident of passing it. What are the consequences of not appearing for the 6th (optional) subject? Will I get compartment in the subject if I'm absent on the day of 6th subject exam?? Or will they declare it pass if I pass in 5 main subjects and am absent in the 6th? Is it compulsory to give all the 6 exams mentioned in my admit card?

    Please help.



    In order to be declared as having passed the examination, a candidate shall obtain atleast 33% marks in all the five subjects.

    Yes you will be declared "passed" if you pass any 5 subjects.



    I am a student of class 12 and thus is opting for a 6th subject(physical education).my other subjects are physics,maths,chemistry & biology.Though physical education is available at my school,my school is not allowing me to take the 6th subject because i had only 5 subjects in class 11.can’t i take the 6th subject nw?what should i do now?



    This is against CBSE Rules…

    You have to study a particular subject for 2 years.



    how will cbse come to know about the subjects i had in class 11?can’t i do anything for this?please help!



    Is there grade system in class 12?



    i think no..



    sir or mam

    i am a student of class 12th and having the subjects- phy,chem,maths,english & coumputer science. now i am facing problem in computer science and want to opt for physical education.

    please give me relevant details regarding the sixth subject option like-

    1> what if i do not appear for computer science exam in boards?

    2> what if i fail in computer science exam in boards?

    3> on what basis will i get marks in practicals?

    4> what i have to do to take sixth subject?

    i will remain obliged to you if you can help me with details, and help reduce my depression.

    thank you.



    yes definately u can change ur additional subject i know this becoz i also changed computer science to depends on ur principal.and failing in additional subjects or not appearing in it will not affect ur result at all it is only necessary to pass in 5 subjects.but i think ur computer sub is not additional but compulsory..becoz u only mentioned ur 5 subjects and the 6 sub is called additional.To take another sub u have to talk to ur principal.



    I am a 12th std student. I have Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Informatics Practices & English as my subjects. I find it very difficult to study chemistry. Can I go for Physical Edn as my 6th option? Will its marks be counted as Chemistry marks for Board Exam?



    I am a student of class 12th. Appearing this year. I am having 6 subjects Physics, chemistry,maths,English,physical education and commercial arts. I want to know, maths is a compulsory subject or optional? And if i score lowest marks in maths will it be counted or not? please reply..

    regards, thanks!!



    I want to take Biology, physics ,chemistry, eng. and physical education as main 5 subjects and Maths as additional[6th ] subject. Can I take this combination in class 11th and 12th.



    Respected Madam/sir,

    i am a student of class 11th… but because of some approach, i’ve been failed in class 11th… and now i am not able to get my pass transfer certificate… but i don’t want to continue in 11th.. so if i do my 12th from open board… do i have same options in future ????



    One can’t answer to these type of questions openly. You should understand this and send a mail to someone who has responded to your query.



    i just gave the exams for 12 standard from fmm stream with subjects i.e business studies, financial markets, BPO, functional english, accounting for business and maths.

    i had taken maths as an optional subject and i am not really confident of passing my maths exam. but i did well in remaining exams. is it will effect my result? , will i get compartment? and does the maths result will written on my final mark-sheet or certificate?

    please tell me……..

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